Adelaide Year 7 Maths Tuition

Adelaide Year 7 Maths Tuition

Adelaide Year 7 Maths Tuition

Year 7 maths students at REM+ Tuition, in their final year of primary school, work with our maths tutors in order to:

  • learn to love maths
  • develop belief in their abilities
  • develop a positive attitude towards maths
  • become confident in their own ability when faced with maths challenges and problems

The topics covered by our maths tutors include:

  • ratios
  • percentages
  • cancelling down
  • multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed numbers
  • adding and subtracting mixed numbers
  • calculating and working with angles in triangles, straight lines, etc.
  • application of signs i.e., negative and positive numbers
  • algebra – solving equations; expanding single brackets; differentiation of base alphas and indices

Our Year 7 Maths students work wit their tutor in small groups of a maximum of 6 students; typical sessions include:

  • Maths tuition sessions begin with warm-up activities, like oral questions, maths speed tasks, maths flash cards and true or false quizzes
  • The introduction to a maths tuition session begins with a re-cap of previous learning, followed by a discussion of the concepts and exercises to be covered
  • Students work individually, with support provided by their maths tutor who answers questions, explains concepts, marks work, and encourages and challenges pupils
  • Each tuition session wil feature a summary of the session’s concepts
  • Tuition sessions end with a fun activity, like maths bingo and fraction dominoes, or maths challenges
  • Maths tutors positively acknowledge all student’s efforts, participation and progress, and suggest follow-up activities prior to the next session