Adelaide Year 5 Maths Tuition

Adelaide Year 5 Maths Tuition

Adelaide Year 5 Maths Tuition

Our Adelaide year 5 maths tutors work with students on a program that aims to help them:

  • to love maths
  • to become confident in themselves
  • to believe in their abilities
  • to take on the challenges that maths presents

Working with our specialist Adelaide year 5 maths students become more confident learners by becoming proficient in:

  • long multiplication
  • doubling, trebling, squaring and cubing
  • dividing fractions
  • writing numbers up to 999,999 in words (and vice-versa)
  • working with time, and problems featuring time
  • area and perimeter of shapes
  • adding and subtracting mixed numbers
  • rounding to the nearest…
  • working with angles
  • converting complex numbers into improper fractions and working with these

Students work in small groups of up to 6 students, and a typical maths tuition session includes:

  • Welcome and brief chat about interests and activities over the past week
  • Warm up activity, such as maths speed tasks, oral questions, true or false, flash cards, etc.
  • Introduction: revision, discussion of concepts and discussion of exercises from worksheets
  • Individual work on year level worksheets, with emphasis on working individually with students (answering, explaining, marking, encouraging, challenging each student individually)
  • Summary of concepts from lesson
  • Finishing fun activity (maths bingo, fraction dominoes, challenge problem, etc.)
  • Positive acknowledgement of each student’s efforts, participation and progress in the lesson and suggestion for follow up before the next session