Adelaide Year 12 Specialist Maths Tuition

Adelaide Year 12 Specialist Maths Tuition

Adelaide Year 12 Specialist Maths Tuition

Topics in Year 12 Specialist Mathematics:

  • Mathematics Induction
  • Complex Numbers
  • Functions and Sketching Graphs
  • Vectors in Three Dimensions
  • Integration Techniques and Applications
  • Rates of Change and Differential Equations

In our Year 12 Specialist Maths tuition sessions, students bring their own work from school as determined by their course outline because, although there is a common curriculum, schools in Adelaide may vary the order in which they complete topics.

During tuition sessions, students generally work through the work given to them by their teachers; however, this is supplemented by worksheets and resources created and provided by our Maths tutors where appropriate. These will include practice tests and assignments with worked solutions.

Tutors generally work individually with students, but also often demonstrate concepts on the whiteboard to the whole group or a subset of students. Some students need assistance with fundamental skills, while others are looking for extension material, and our tutors provide appropriate forms of support and guidance. The use of the various features of the graphic calculator are also explained and explored.

Students can also receive assistance with their folio tasks, but this is restricted to guidance and suggestions for possible paths to improve their work. Tutors ensure that the work in these tasks is entirely the student’s.

Year 12 Maths tuition sessions are tailored to the specific needs of students. For example, early in the school year, classes are very content focussed, while later the emphasis is more on problem solving, followed by exam preparation.