Adelaide Year 12 Mathematical Methods Tuition

Adelaide Year 12 Mathematical Methods Tuition

Adelaide Year 12 Mathematical Methods Tuition

Topics in Year 12 Mathematical Methods

  • Further Differentiation and Applications
  • Discrete Random Variables
  • Integral Calculus
  • Logarithmic Functions
  • Continuous Random Variables & the Normal Distribution
  • Sampling and Confidence Intervals

Students in our Year 12 Mathematical Methods tuition sessions will follow the course outline developed by their schools. This is because individual Adelaide schools may vary the order in which they tackle the common curriculum topics.

Students in their tuition sessions generally work through their textbook and/or on the work given to them by their respective teachers. However, our maths tutors also provide additional worksheets and resources where appropriate, including practice tests and problems with worked solutions.

Each student will work with their tutor one-to-one, although there will also be occasions where concepts or particular problems will be demonstrated and explained to the whole group. The nature of the support students receive from their Maths tutor will depend on whether they are seeking assistance with mastering fundamental skills, or are looking for material to extend and challenge them. Our Maths tutors also assist pupils to understand and use the various features found on a graphic calculator.

Tutors may also give students assistance with their folio tasks, but this will be in the nature of guidance and suggestions for possible paths to improve their work. All the work in these tasks must be entirely the student’s own.

Specialist Maths tuition sessions are tailored around the individual needs of students. In the early part of the year, for instance, most classes will be centred on covering content. As the school year progresses, the focus will shift to problem solving, followed by exam preparation towards the end of the year.