Adelaide Year 12 General Mathematics Tuition

Adelaide Year 12 General Mathematics Tuition

Adelaide Year 12 General Mathematics Tuition

General Mathematics Stage 2 topics:

  • Modelling with linear relationships
  • Modelling with matrices
  • Statistical models
  • Financial models
  • Discrete models

REM+ Tuition year 12 stage 2 General Maths tuition sessions are conducted in small groups, where students bring in their own work in order for their tutor to provide guidance and support (text book or digital version, laptop, notes, class exercises, assignments, calculator, revision guides).

Our specialist maths tutors respond to pupil’s specific needs and work individually with  students. There may also be times when there is common ground for the whole group or when some students are working on same topic.

Assessment plans are very useful in the planning of tuition sessions, and students are encouraged to have copies of these and bring them to their maths tuition sessions.

How do our year 12 maths tutors work with our students?

  • Offer guidance with steps, approaches and requirements of research tasks and assignments
  • Seeking out resources and information for assignments
  • Assist with concepts and exercises being undertaken in current topic being studied
  • Breaking tasks into smaller steps
  • Help students to prioritise workloads]
  • Revision of particular topics or types of exercise
  • Test preparation
  • Provision of extra questions for practice