Scholarship Exams to Adelaide Schools

Scholarship Exams to Adelaide Schools

Scholarship Exams to Adelaide Schools

Undertaking a scholarship examination is no easy feat, and no matter how naturally gifted or talented a student may be, in almost all cases they require and benefit from specific scholarship examination guidance and preparation.

At REM+ Tuition, we have an outstanding record in preparing Adelaide students for scholarship examinations, and our small classes and expert tutors mean that pupils who come to us for additional support are as well prepared to tackle these challenging exams as they can possibly be.

Scholarship Preparation at REM+ Tuition

The aim of the scholarship program is to maximise student potential and confidence so that they are prepared to undertake either:

  • the Australian Council of Education Research (ACER) Scholarship Examination, which many Adelaide independent schools use to award scholarships
  • the Ignite Examination used by public secondary schools in Adelaide to determine entry into their Gifted and Talented programs

During the course of the program, students are taught:

  • analytical reasoning skills, verbal reasoning skills, literal/alphabetical reasoning
  • mathematical skills, such as identifying patterns in number sequences, measurement problem-solving skills, spatial reasoning
  • reading comprehension skills such as text interpretation, making inferences, prediction, evaluation
  • genre writing techniques, but particularly how to to write a high quality text in the limited time allowed

In addition, students learn that there are many ways to solve a problem, and are also expected to be able to verbalise and explain their attempts to tackle problems. Furthermore, as all components of the scholarships examination (except the writing component) are multiple choice, students will also be taught techniques that they can use to tackle these sorts of questions quickly and efficiently, along with techniques that enable them to use their time effectively. Students will also practise past examination papers.

Scholarship examinations are extremely competitive and students who undertake them are generally highly motivated. Therefore, it is essential that students who undertake this program are dedicated and hard-working and complete all tasks—including regular homework assignments—diligently.

Throughout the program, students undertake many challenging activities which are used to stretch their minds and to develop their ability to think laterally, organise, analyse, visuals and refine their problem-solving skills. Scholarship classes begin in Term 2, and new students can join the class at any time.