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REM+ Tuition has been supporting students in a variety of subjects with great success for the past 20 years. What sets us apart from other tuition is our high-quality teachers and small class sizes.

REM+ deliver quality learning in a supportive and innovative learning environment. We have no more than 6 students to our face-to-face classes, allowing our quality teachers to work exclusively with each student every lesson. 

We offer learning assessments that provide everyone within the child’s learning circle (caregiver, teacher, student) an accurate snapshot of their learning capabilities and targeted teaching direction.  

Can’t come to us? REM+ can provide a top-quality online learning program that your child can connect with in the comfort of their own home or school. 

Choose us to support your child through their learning journey. 


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A letter from one of our student's teacher to her parents:
"Recently at school we have collated some data from assessments completed in term 3 and 4. I wanted to celebrate Holly's achievements with you. Holly has shown dramatic growth in Mathematics this year. The results display nearly 4 year growth compared to her 2018 data. She told me her confidence in maths has significantly grown and that her tutoring has really supported her in this growth. Big congratulations to Holly!"
Sascha and Graham Smith2019 Parents

Year 12 Class of 2018

“We were really happy with the support provided by REM+ Tuition and John over the 2 years she attended Maths. She nailed her Maths subjects and we would recommend REM+ Tuition to anyone who needs extra support”
Alyssa’s parentsYear 12 Class of 2018

Year 12 Class of 2018

“She loved it! She often attended extra lessons when swatting for tests and exams and found this very helpful.”
Mathematical Methods: A- grade
Molly’s parentsYear 12 Class of 2018

Year 12 Class of 2018

“The extra Biology and Chemistry classes in Term 4 really helped.”
Research Project: A+ grade
Mathematical Methods: A grade
Biology: A+ grade
Chemistry A+ grade

CarlaDux of her school, Year 12 Class of 2018

Year 12 Class of 2018

“She was always happy to attend. She told us she couldn’t have done it without attending REM+ Tuition.”
Biology: B- grade
General Mathematics: B+ grade

Renae’s parentsYear 12 Class of 2018

Year 12 Class of 2018

“He told me it was worth going.”
Research Project: A grade
Tobias’ fatherYear 12 Class of 2018
Thank you so much to the team at REM Tuition for helping to bridge the gap in my son's learning. For such an intelligent child this gap was frustrating & embarrassing. He's a smart lad but still young enough to believe that "REM is too easy & is doing nothing". Ah, the ignorance of youth! His undeniable success & progress because of REM has been honoured by his teachers & his school. Even receiving an award for perseverance and improvement. He has come into his own in the second half of year 7 because of his new found confidence in spelling. He's grades have remarkably improved, as has his independence in study. Just in time for high school next year! Cannot thank REM enough.
SashaYear 7 parent
Just a short note to thank you both very much for your time and effort in helping our little girl Melanie develop her own special skills. As parents we all want the best for our children and it is very rewarding to see that since beginning Phonics First with REM this term, Melanie has blossomed.  She is so much more outgoing.  She loves to do her schoolwork and has gained so much more confidence in her own abilities.  Everyday we seem to see some improvement. My husband Robby and I would recommend REM to any one so please keep up the good work and once again thank you.
SaverinaParent (Reception Reading)
The turn around in his confidence and motivation levels has been amazing. There has been a massive improvement in Maths on last year. I always thought he was good at English but he didn’t listen to me when I told him. Now he is talking about Journalism – his tutor has told him he has a flair for writing and he is really responding to that.
RowanParent (Year 10 English and Maths)
A few weeks have already passed since Jordan started Reception year at school. I am so glad that Jordan undertook your Phonics Pre-Reading program as the extra effort has really paid off. After the first week of school he moved on to the alphabet cards without the pictures and I believe it will not be long before he moves on from these cards. He writes whenever it is possible with only a little assistance, it has been lovely to watch him hold that pencil with such strength and determination. He has also started connecting the letters to make the words which has been wonderful to witness as he just started his nightly reading sessions. You have a lovely nature Jenny, a special way with children and I am so glad that we discovered REM. I have witnessed the big difference in my little boy since undertaking your program which has only helped with his confidence. I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for helping my little “ray of sunshine” with starting his schooling years with such a great foundation.
RosanneParent (Phonics First Reading Program)
It is with a very heavy heart that we need to let you know that Lily is not able to attend REM for this term and possibly next term also. We are hoping that Lily will be able to resume her tutoring as soon as possible, and we are so very grateful for all the amazing work you have done with her, it as made the world of difference to her learning and to her confidence
KarenParent (Hickey Program for Dyslexia)
I really enjoyed my time a REM Tuition because my teachers were always kind and clearly explained things when I had problems. I learned a whole range of different things in maths and they taught me how to make a plan for story writing. It also helped me to write stories faster and make them more interesting to read. All up, I really enjoyed the scholarships class, even though I didn’t win a scholarship, it helped me with school work and prepared me for Year 8.
PhoebeScholarship Student
The research project was something I thought would be very interesting, but I was unsure of how to approach it before going to REM. I had a topic but I was uncertain of what to do next. My school was giving me reasonable advice but it lacked precision and I remained relatively uncertain. At first I was tentative about what REM could offer, however it proved to be a very worthwhile experience. Lyn helped and guided me to grasp a clearer idea of how to complete not only the research process, but also the best way to go about writing the essays and how best to organize and lay out my resulting report. She was very friendly and skilled at imparting her knowledge. Lyn was very encouraging and I knew she wanted me to do my best. At REM I received more individualized tuition, which greatly helped me. I was extremely pleased with the results I received for research project. I achieved an A+ from SACE and a merit award from school. I would not have been able to obtain this result without the assistance of REM, which added a level of finesse to my ideas and my work so that I could achieve such a positive outcome
KateResearch Project Student
I have personally found my time a REM Tutoring to be exceptionally beneficial in aiding my studies as a year 12 student. All of the people present at the facility are helpful and good spirited. When in my tutoring sessions I have found that the one on one time with the tutors assists in furthering my knowledge on the current subject. The tutors seem to honestly want me to perform to the best of my abilities, and hence the confidence they have in me makes me feel more confident within my own abilities.  My marks have all increased in the subjects that I receive tutoring for and I believe that is a direct result of the help I have obtained from REM Tutoring. So I guess in the end you could say I owe a lot to the staff a REM Tutoring and look forward continuing my time with them for the remainder of the year.
BradYear 12 Student