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"I love the teachers, the students, the work and help at REM Tuition."

At REM+ Tuition, our face to face teaching in small subject and year level based groups develops independent and confident learners in a safe, conducive learning environment. Teachers are employed because of their subject expertise.

REM+ Tuition aims to improve student's academic results by assessing student's strengths and weaknesses in particular subjects, and continuously developing their knowledge, skills and confidence through instruction and practice, to year level appropriateness and beyond.

Teaching your child to succeed is not just about providing textbooks and worksheets but requires specific expertise, method and the right environment.

This is why REM+ Tuition provides:
• The highest quality tutoring expertise through Jenny Allen and her team of qualified teachers
• Research based methods highlighted by the single subject, face to face tutoring technique
• The most conducive learning environment that is motivating & filled with positive reinforcement

The results speak for themselves as children gain the knowledge, skills and confidence that lead to success at school and beyond.

Give your child the knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed!