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"I love the teachers, the students, the work and help at REM Tuition."

REM+ Tuition offers Adelaide students of all ages face-to-face tuition in small groups. Classes are organised by year group and subject, and are available for pre-school children, primary school pupils and secondary school students. 

Our out-of-school tuition covers the core areas of Reading, English and Maths. We also offer senior secondary school students tuition in Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Research Project.

The aim at REM+ Tuition is to develop independent and confident learners, and we provide a safe, caring environment that is conducive to learning. Our classes are very small (no more than 6 pupils), which enables our tutors to offer personalised tuition that is based upon pupils’ strengths and weaknesses, and which is designed to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence through instruction and practice. 

At REM+ Tuition, tutors are employed because they are experienced teachers with extensive subject knowledge and expertise in working with pupils of all levels and abilities. The teaching that our tutors provide is year level appropriate, but is flexible in its design so that students can either be supported or extended as their individual circumstances require.

REM+ Tuition offers Adelaide students and parents:

  • expert educational leadership from Jenny Allen
  • tuition for students of all ages, including pre-school, primary and secondary school pupils
  • high quality, small class, face-to-face tuition by qualified and experienced teachers
  • year and age appropriate tuition in Reading, English, Maths, Science and Research Project
  • an emphasis on core skills and knowledge
  • a friendly, caring environment that allows pupils to gain confidence
  • high levels of parental and family engagement 

At REM+ Tuition, we are confident that our tuition method and our emphasis on improving students’ skills and knowledge in the core learning areas of Reading, English and Maths, combined with our small groups and personalised tuition programs, leads to our pupils achieving success at school and beyond.

REM+ Tuition gives your child the knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed!